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Everybody wants to know about me. How keen.

Hi there! I’m Kiba Rika, or as my parents named me, Kimberly Hirsh. From 2000 – 2001 I was a poster – also known as a Bronzer – at the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer posting board The Bronze. When that board transitioned to a different format, I and many of my fellow Bronzers transplanted ourselves over to the Bronze Beta. We are a community in diaspora even to this very day, but we all keep in touch across various platforms and have reunion parties from time to time. I miss the Bronze. I love to talk about Buffy. So I started this podcast, so that I could have more conversations like those we used to have at the Bronze. Sometimes with Bronzers, sometimes with other people.

The first episode of the podcast is still in production. This website is more of a soft launch for accountability’s sake than anything else.